Joyce Elisha

Principal Consultant

Joyce has worked in the field of Human Factors for 16 years and upon joining RM OCAID has taken an interest in the important relationship between Human Factors and Culture.

In that time, the main body of her experience has included Human Factors assessments of work arrangements in support of nuclear safety cases and providing (task analyses) structured estimations of the human reliability levels that can be expected from the quality of the Human Factors.  Her role with RM OCAID has provided extensive experience of cultural assessment and improvement in a wide range of industries (from manufacturing to research and development) by combining her knowledge of Behavioural Safety, Incident Investigation, Leadership and Human Factors.

Joyce’s motivation for working in this field comes from her conviction that the most effective way to help people improve their Human Factors and Culture is by encouraging and supporting them to take as much ownership as feasible through the provision of skills, praise and coaching because nobody understands a job better than the person who does the job.

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