Top 5 Tips For Organisations To Take Well-Being Beyond The Fruit Bowl


In the SMP #018 podcast with Dr Carolyn Yeoman and Sonni Gopal discuss how Organisations can address and improve well-being at work to take it “beyond the fruit bowl”. But, what does that mean? Carolyn and Sonni put forward 5 tips that can be easily incorporated within the existing management systems framework (based upon the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach).  There is nothing fancy here but really practical advice based upon expertise but…

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Identifying and Tackling Stress in the Workplace: The OCAID Group announces the availability of StressFactor

OCAID News, Thoughts

Scale of the issue Latest figures (published October 2018) indicate that stress, anxiety and depression related absenteeism equates on average to 25.8 days per employee per year, 11.6% of a full time equivalent.  Professional occupations were the area that was the most badly affected. Given that the UK is already well down the list of nations for employee output this potentially avoidable loss has significant impact on employees, organisations and…

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