Identifying and Tackling Stress in the Workplace: The OCAID Group announces the availability of StressFactor

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Scale of the issue Latest figures (published October 2018) indicate that stress, anxiety and depression related absenteeism equates on average to 25.8 days per employee per year, 11.6% of a full time equivalent.  Professional occupations were the area that was the most badly affected. Given that the UK is already well down the list of nations for employee output this potentially avoidable loss has significant impact on employees, organisations and…

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Does your Job Title match your job?


On the face of it, this might sound like a no-brainer with an obvious answer: “Yes, of course”. So, a second question — should it? Or rather: Should the job be thought of differently and hence the title need to be adjusted? Here’s why — Language is a key part of culture so how an organisation chooses to label particular functions can give us a significant clue to the culture of…

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