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RyderMarsh OCAID is widely considered the leader in Europe for the provision of Behavioural Based Safety and related services due its extremely flexible approach to the design and implementation of its programmes.

Historically RyderMarsh OCAID have been at the forefront of the development of Behavioural Based Safety in Europe, since the early research in the UK at UMIST in the 1990s through the 2000s to the present day.

Historically, we prepared the Behavioural Safety standards for the Offshore Oil and Gas (North Sea) industry. In other work we have developed a particular niche in reviewing and building on existing “classic” safety systems and have also advised previous clients of all major European Behavioural Safety providers. Over three decades we have seen the market requirements mature and evolve to the point where Behavioural Safety is now seen as one element of a wider organisational development approach we call Cultural Safety™.

This wider approach pulls together what we’ve learnt through many implementations of Behavioural Safety over the years and around the world. It encompasses Safety Leadership, Process Safety and best practice in the Human Resources area as well as Behavioural aspects of Safety. So whilst Behavioural aspects of safety continue to be a core element we now look well beyond behaviour alone into how the other elements of an organisation’s culture interact and affect safety performance.

RyderMarsh OCAID has a team of specialist Principal Consultants in the areas of Behaviour Based Safety, Process Safety, Human Factors, Incident Investigation, Research and Organisational and Individual Stress Management; all of whom have experience working with a wide range of international organisations from many different industries including the nuclear industry, marine, pharmaceuticals, chemical, construction industries, manufacturing and many more. RyderMarsh OCAID has a wealth of experience in working with multi-cultural organisations.

We continually seek to expand our knowledge through forums such as learning based user-conferences. RyderMarsh OCAID have hosted or chaired the European Behavioural Safety Users Conference, the 10th was held in 2012. In this forum companies from all major providers attend and present (160 blue chip companies attended the past three events). We also partner with other conference organisers and send speakers to events all over the globe.

Essentially, we try to maximize or combine each of the “Six Pillars” of behavioural safety and the other elements of Cultural Safety™ for the client in question by tailoring a methodology specifically to suit their current requirements.