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The thought leaders at RyderMarsh OCAID, having been at the forefront of behavioural safety and then CulCultural safetytural Safety ® for many years with Ryder Marsh Safety, are now once again leading the market through a wider approach to Organisational Culture & Individual Development with RyderMarsh OCAID Limited.

Starting from a core of Cultural Safety®, where we help improve the organisational safety culture from being simply system and compliance focussed to a more human focused (people focused) culture, we make good safety performance easier which leads on to a higher level of performance all round.

Working with several leading clients we noticed an improvement not just in safety, but also in engagement, productivity and wellbeing as a result of the work we were doing together. We have therefore developed a refreshing approach, integrated with our Cultural Safety ® model, with a wider goal of improving not just the safety culture and safety leadership of our clients but also showing the impact of improved engagement on all areas of the business.  From this is follows that to be in the top performing cohort organisations should be considering more collaboration between its functions and ignoring what Freud called the “narcissism of small differences”.  This will lead to some serious business improvements and we can prove it.

Cultural Safety Leaders

The approach is based on achieving a high-degree of understanding and collaboration between functional areas such as Safety, HR, Learning & Development, Organizational Development, R&D, Environment, Quality and operational line management. As such, it requires the sponsorship and commitment of the senior leadership team and particularly the Chief Executive, whose vision must encompass the integration and who must lead the removal of any barriers between the various functions and integrate goals, targets, performance measures & indicators and strategies, in order to facilitate a coherent and cohesive approach to all aspects of the model.

As the thought leaders in this area we have welcomed some high level associates into the organisation to cover areas such as Risk, Engagement, Human Factors, Wellbeing and Engagement and their impact on safety and cultures worldwide. Most of our associates (or Specialist Consultants) have worked with or advised at government level so we can offer you some serious INSIGHT into all of these areas, along with your safety cultures.