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This masterclass takes a multi-disciplinary approach to introduce delegates to Safety Culture development; high impact, effective Safety Leadership skills; and best practices in building and implementing a Cultural Improvement programme.


You will:

• Develop an understanding of how Leadership influences organisational Safety Culture
• Explore the concept of Cultural Safety™ and learn how to maximise your personal impact  during face-to-face safety observations and interventions
• Discover which questions sustainably enhance your organisation’s safety performance
• Learn tools that enable leaders to understand the infl uences on employee behaviour – and why people do what they do

MODULE 1 Safety Culture Development

• Stages of Safety Culture development, how to progress to a more proactive, human focused and holistic safety culture
• Explores how to avoid the risk of becoming ‘System Obsessed’
• Key aspects of Cultural Safety™ and how they influence organisational Safety Culture

MODULE 2  Safety Leadership

• Practical Leadership
• Risk Literacy and People Management
• Motivation and positive influence on behaviour
• The Leadership Cycle Segments

MODULE 3  Implementing Cultural Improvement Options

• An introduction to Cultural Improvement Options and a comparative tool to assess systems in use
• Measurement (including observations) and Behavioural Analysis
• How to conduct high quality Behavioural Root Cause Analysis
• Creating solutions to meet the needs identified in your analysis
• How to track progress for success