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One of the key predictors of an organisations safety culture is perceived management value of safety, often expressed by the behaviour of managers within the organisation. It is the leadership behaviour therefore of managers that often can be key to influencing risk taking occurring within organisations.

What is Safety Leadership?

Leadership is more than just management, and refers to not to just what, but how a person influences and motivates others. For example if a manger walks by an employee not wearing the correct PPE for the job, because they do not notice it is not being worn, the employee can be left with impression that managers do not mind if safety rules are not followed. It is these subtle things or soft signals that can play a major role in safety across the board.

Why do people find it hard to lead on safety?

Quite often people are promoted to management roles were leadership skills are required based solely on technical ability alone. As a result managers can often be task orientated and can often fail to communicate the importance of safety due to daily work pressures. The challenge here is to provide people in leadership roles with the skills to understand how they can misrepresent and under estimate risks and hazards, how and what influences people in their charge to take risk and how effective manage people and influence their behaviour.

Where do we operate?

Our specialists operate on an international basis, having worked on major and short term projects in North Africa, Asia, West Indies, United States of America, East and Western Europe and the Middle East.










Front Line Safety Leadership Training
RyderMarshSharman will discuss specifically your organisations requirements and tailor is safety leadership training to meet your needs. The safety leadership course is three days in length and covers the basics of safety culture and leadership, understanding why people takes risks, how to use effective one to one coaching methods and how to analyse behaviour to determine, assessing their.

Senior and Middle Management Workshops
RyderMarshSharman can provide senior management workshops designed to focus a zero injury vision using the interactive methods.