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David Macleod and Nita Clarke’s 2009 report, Engaging for Success, identified four factors that we believe help to create an environment in which employees can work at their best:


  1. Leadership/strategic narrative
  2. Engaging managers
  3. Employee voice
  4. Integrity – behaviour consistent with values.

As the report stated, there are many differing definitions of employee engagement but research suggests that these four factors need to be present for employees to feel positive about the employer and their work.Engagement

Sustained success depends on employees’ ability to think at their best, to collaborate and to innovate. We make the link between employee engagement and business performance, and there are compelling correlations between employees who feel positive about their workplace and reduced absenteeism, customer service and employee advocacy.

We are working closely with the National Centre for Strategic Leadership and the governments Engage for Success task force and bring you insights into the latest research into engagement and the impact on organisations.