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RyderMarsh OCAID, as one of the leaders in the field of behavioural aspects of safety management, is quickly developing a reputation of excellence for the delivery of incident investigation services and training.

Our approach is to help companies improve their incident investigation processes by transferring skills and knowledge into a company. In turn, companies can experience improved incident analysis, improved reports and incident reports, reinforcement of a just culture and reduction in incidents.

We first explain the principles of a Just Culture to create the environment in which real learning and improvement can flourish and provide practical tools and methods to maximise the effectiveness of the process.

The Four Stage Investigation Model

The investigation model is a four stage process:

Stage 1. Mobilisation and Stabilisation
This stage covers actions that commence after the reporting of an incident, namely mobilisation of the investigation team and actions taken on site by the responsible managers prior to the arrival of the investigation team.

Stage 2. Collection of Evidence
This stage provides skills to investigate on how to collect both hard physical evidence and soft eyewitness testimony using proven methods of psychological interviewing, and how to draw this information together to form an account of then event.

Stage 3. Analysis of Findings
This stage of the investigation covers how the main findings from the evidence are analysed using various root cause analytical techniques and how to combine these into full incident report.

Stage 4. Recommendation
The recommendation stage focuses on how to develop and evaluate target recommendations to prevent recurrence

The key services we provide are:
. Review organisational process for incident investigation to improve efficiency
. Bespoke design incident investigation training for company investigators and local investigators
. Provide investigators to conduct independent investigations
. Provide experts to review human factors and behavioural causes of incidents

Options for service delivery

Incident Investigation Support Scheme
We can provide a company scheme that provides training for your organisation and investigation support from investigators. Your organisation pays a standard fee (excluding costs) for each of its sites. We then organise training centres off/on site to train up to 45 people over three courses each year from each site that is enrolled on to the scheme. In addition, if required, the scheme also includes the services of an independent investigator to lead a company investigation team to investigate an incident or, if preferred, an external investigation team to conduct a completely independent investigation.

Stand Alone Incident Investigation Courses
a) Company Investigator Course
We deliver a three day course for senior company incident investigators that covers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ an accident occurs, the psychology of incident investigation teams, stages of investigation, how to collect hard evidence, how to collects soft evidence from eyewitnesses and psychological techniques for interviewing witnesses. Also, techniques for conducting root cause analysis and how to write and prepare evidence based reports.

b) Local Investigator Training
A one day course designed for local managers who are required to investigate lower severity incidents. Course covers the basic aspects of incident causation, interviewing skills, basic analysis and report writing.

The above courses can be integrated with existing company procedures and systems to ensure consistency between training and organisational practice.

Stand Alone External or Supported Investigation Service
If required we can mobilise an incident investigation team, subject to location and immigration restrictions, to lead or conduct an independent investigation.